01/12/2022 Caroline

Benham & Froud

Benham and Froud were late Victorian wood and metalwork manufacturers working out of Charing Cross London, their preferred materials for manufacture were brass, copper, rosewood and mahogany.

Known for the trademark stamp of ‘orb and cross’ which was inspired by a previous company, Richard and Edward Kepp, who were famed for constructing the 7-tonne replacement orb on the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1821. The Kepp company was taken over by Herbert Augustus Benham and Joseph Froud in 1855.

Exhibiting at major international shows from the mid to late 19th century, including Paris 1855 and London 1862, their product was often published and appraised in the well known ‘The Furniture Gazette’ throughout this period.

The renowned architect Christopher Dresser made designs for the company over a 20 year period from 1873 to 1893 including coal boxes, teapots, fire furniture through to chamber and candlesticks. Another famous architect Richard Norman Shaw was also a designer of note to work with the company.

Christopher Dresser, Benham and Froud coal box made of wood and brass

The company spanned many periods and styles to include Victorian, Aesthetic, Arts and Crafts, Edwardian and produced a variety of products from homewares to ecclesiastical architectural designs. The company eventually ceased to trade in the early 1920’s.

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Caroline July 14, 2021

Arcopal Vintage Homeware - Table/Glassware

The Arcopal brand was first created way back in 1958 by French company Arc International. The resilient, durable and stylish tableware became a popular overnight success.

Loved by families in its time for its colourful modern looks, it was also its strength that gave the brand its longevity at the dinner table. A new technique use to make the glass (Tempered) meant it was several times stronger than ceramics and proved it was robust enough to last the test of time.

With longevity comes admiration and many sets of Arcopal are now being sought after by collectors from around the world.

Some of the Arcopal set that you may be familiar with are listed here:

  • Arcopal Harlequin
  • Arcopal Scania
  • Arcopal Veronica
  • Arcopal Mobil
  • Arcopal Lotus
  • Arcopal Polka Dot
  • Arcopal Squares
  • Arcopal Santiago
  • Arcopal Anemones
Arcopol Harlequin tea set including green, yellow, pink and blue tea cups and saucers.

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